About Us

    • Sustainabuild Canada is a leader in the transformation of sustainable building-resource management and extending the life cycle of building materials and equipment through reconstruction. Everybody wins – end users, inventory owners & managers, governments, post-secondary institutions, hospitals, school boards and the environment. Sustainabuild Canada consults with project management teams to determine the most effective and practical methods and procedures of building deconstruction to achieve cost effective maximum diversion of building materials for reuse.
    • Reusing building materials and reusable building products keeps cost down for you and helps our environment by keeping products out of our landfills.

Scope of Work

    • The majority of Sustainabuild’s inventory and projects are sourced from within Alberta, though we can also work out of province, and even out-of-country, for project management and inventory sales. Sustainabuild works with both the public and private sectors, and no project is too large or too small if the inventory meets market requirements. Sustainabuild also offers FREE appraisals for projects to determine the need for pre-deconstructing auditing, and potential inventory.

Benefits of Working with Sustainabuild

    • For inventory owners & managers:

      • Reduced demolition and disposal costs at the landfill
      • Contribution to green building projects
      • Extending the life cycle of high quality materials
      • Less hassle in coordinating disposal of materials
      • Promote sustainable development

      For redevelopment projects:

      • Promote sustainable development
      • “Character piece” additions to your projects
      • Used products are less expensive than new
      • Save time searching for materials yourself

Past Projects

  • Over the last 30 years, the expertise of Sustainabuild Canada’s team has helped the Canadian government develop policies for sustainable building-resource management and deconstruction with Public Works, Government Services Canada and the Department of National Defense. Our team has consulted with United Nations Industrial Development Organization and Canadian International Development agency on reconstruction.
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