A summary of Sustainabuild services available in keeping with your environmental project objectives include:

  • Pre-Deconstruction Audit and Inventory Appraisal with digital images interior and exterior
  • Specifications include a description of the inventory, its size, condition, location & digital image grid; manufacture detail, volume & weight
    and owner retention.
  • On-Site Discovery Explorations to determine the ease of deconstruction
  • Project Consultation to Integrate Deconstruction as Compared to Demolition
  • Final Report preparation and submission to the project management team to determine a potential owner retain list
  • End User Identification and submission of required deconstruction work plans
  • Quantification of the cost savings of the Deconstruction Process relative to the cost of Traditional Demolition and Disposal Methods
  • Conduct Extended Life Cycle Research and Report on Reconstructed Inventory to determine reductions in Green House Gas Emissions and Re-manufacture Energy.

What types of projects does Sustainabuild work on?

  • Structural and building demolition;
  • Commercial leasehold improvements;
  • Building envelope conversions;
  • Industrial oil and gas plants;
  • Hospitals, schools, and shopping malls;
  • Commercial office renovations; and
  • Manufacturer surplus.

Which Inventory does Sustainabuild work with?

  • Masonry brick and block;
  • Carpet and tile flooring;
  • Home and movie theatre seating;
  • Fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs;
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment;
  • Windows and patio doors;
  • Commercial or residential doors;
  • Complete steel or wooden buildings;
  • Secondary and post-secondary school equipment;
  • Wood and steel buildings or parts thereof; and
  • Additional miscellaneous inventory from construction projects.

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